Manufacturer of the future

Manufacturing of the future 3

Digital transformation is bringing forth a whole new set of trends to the manufacturing industry. Early adopters are just starting to grapple with some of these trends. Today’s manufacturer has responded to these trends by engaging in a complete transformation of how customers can experience their products. In traditional manufacturing, the customer journey was linear. The manufacturer produced products and delivered them to the customer, and the journey was at an end. Modern manufacturers have shifted the customer and the product to the center of the value chain, rethinking their business models and engineering smart products that go beyond just function to provide new services that deliver ongoing value to customers

manufacturing of the future 1

The decreasing cost of IoT sensors, the increase in mobile devices, the scale of cloud-based platforms, and advances in traditional analytics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence have created a tempest that is engulfing, changing, and opening almost every industry. To take advantage of these new opportunities, manufacturers need a new approach and new technology.

Manufacturing of the future 2





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